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Mary’s Silent Mayflower Movies

What are these?

These animated illustrations tell the story of the religious Separatists who first left England for Holland in 1608 and 1609, and then sailed on the Mayflower, Anne, James and Fortune to America between 1620 and 1623. My ancestors are highlighted: The Brewsters, the Hopkinses, the Cookes, the Warrens, Thomas Prence, Nicholas Snow, the Annabels, and the Tracys. Since making the movies I have found out I am also descended from John Howland, Elizabeth Tilly, Elizabeth’s parents and Edward Doty, who also sailed to America on the Mayflower.

Why were these movies made?

I was trying to learn Adobe Flash software and I got carried away. 250 hours of playing around later, I present these silly animations! It takes about an hout to view all of them.

Introduction: The Puritans and the Separatists (15 min)

Part I: The Mayflower Crosses the Atlantic (17.5 min)

Part II: The First Winter (10 min)

Part III: The Arrival of the Fortune, the Anne and the James (12 min)

Part IV: Nineteen Weddings (12 min)

Get the popcorn out, sit back and have a good time.
Mary Ames Mitchell

System Requirements: A recent browser that includes Flash 11 or higher. Don’t have Flash? It’s free at