Mary Ames Mitchell


Tutorials for Formatting for Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing Using Microsoft Word

We all have a story to tell, but how do we publish a book that is taken seriously if we can't afford to have it professionally formatted?

These four tutorials will help people with little money spend no money to make money. Step by step, I guide you through professionally formatting your book (written in Microsoft Word) so that you can upload it to Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). The best news is that one file will work for both a print book and an eBook. We follow the simple guidelines that the Big 5 publishers follow, only we don't use expensive software – just Microsoft Word and free image software.

Part 1 – How to organize your pages properly. Where does the title page go? When does the page numbering start? Where do I put the page about the author? How do I set up headings for only the chapter pages?

Download a printable pdf of this tutorial, Part 1 (4MB)

Download the Placeholder Content text file (13k txt file)

Download 'Adobe Acrobat Reader' from Adobe

Download 'Kindle Preview 3' from Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing

Part 2 – How to format your text properly. How to format text using paragraph styles. Why are styles necessary to create an updateable table of contents? Why is using paragraph styles so important?

Download a printable pdf of this tutorial, Part 2 (7.3MB)

Part 3 – Formatting your images and inserting them properly into your Word Document. How do we know our images are the right size? How do we make sure the images work for print and for an ebook? How do we make sure the images don't collide with the text?

Download a printable pdf of this tutorial, Part 3 (5.4MB).

Part 4 – Formatting your book cover. What type of image should I put on my book cover? What cover designs best sell books. How big should I make the text and the image? Should my cover be image-directed or type-directed?

Printable pdf and Worksheet coming soon

Obtain an ISBN. This is the only money you need to spend. A single ISBN is $125. A single bar code, which you need for your print book, is $25.

Obtain your Library of Congress Control Number

Uploading your file to Amazon. Kindle Direct Publishing has its own videos to instruct you on how to upload your files. However, before you start that process, fill out the worksheet we give you for Part 4, which will get you prepared. For example, you don't want to be drafting your book description at the last moment. It needs to be better thought out and edited than your book itself. You need to have a list of keywords ready. And, you need to have purchased your ISBN at least a week before you upload your book to Amazon.

Happy publishing.